Doors and windows open/close sensors : Chacon, ...


These devices are open sensors and are able to detect when a door or a window (or whatever else) is opened and closed.



These devices acts as switch commands. If they are open they send an on event. If they are closed, they send an off event. They have the following features :

  • Open/close sensor
  • RSSI (signal strength)

Sadly there is no way to get the battery level information.


When you create such a device, you will have to set these parameters:

Key Type Description
address string The device address (0x00000000 to 0x03ffffff). Example: 0x0038abfe
unit integer The device unit (1..16). Example: 3

Configure the hardware device

Chacon 54581

You can’t set up the address and unit on the hardware.

You can find the value of both address and unit for your device in the list of the detected devices in Domogik administration.